2019 Sessions

Constant adaptation for mobile and off-platform storytelling

Stephanie Clary, CNN

Emerging platforms offer the exciting opportunity to serve, impact and reach new audiences. But navigating this ever-changing landscape also requires intentional and creative workflows as well as agile teams. See how CNN has adapted across platforms and where teams are looking to grow next.

Are you really watching the right metrics?

Kurt Gessler, Chicago Tribune

Most newsrooms are drowning in data in 2019, but many are not looking at the right numbers in the most effective manner. Simple metrics like search traffic or pageviews per visit are blunt instruments at best. You have to dig deeper and slice finer to yield valuable strategic and tactical insight — especially in a demanding mobile environment.

How NPR is Reinventing Radio

Tamar Charney, National Public Radio

For a time it seemed the digital revolution was going to make audio a thing of the past. But NPR Is reinventing radio by finding new opportunities with the NPR One app and voice assistant technologies. Tamar Charney shares how NPR is creating its audio renaissance beyond the radio.

XR Journalism: Beyond the Rectangle

Dan Pacheco, Syracuse University

See how wearable devices like Magic Leap, HoloLens and others are evolving to allow new immersive storytelling capabilities including spatial audio, photogrammetry, volumetric capture and haptics.

Working on editorial special projects for mobile audiences

Almudena Toral, Univision

A look into the digital efforts of Univision News to reach an ever-changing audience in two languages through visuals.

AI in Journalism

Paul Cheung, Knight Foundation

The rapid pace of technology adoption is forcing the practice of journalism to continuously learn, adapt and implement. Artificial intelligence is one of those forces Journalism can’t ignore. Some of the largest and most reputable news outlets in the world are already using AI to expand their coverage and perform reporting task. Join us for an overview of how the news industry are utilizing AI technology and a scenario planning exercise of the future of AI and human relations in your newsroom.

The future of journalism

Yusuf Omar, Hashtag Our Stories

Cool stuff you need to know about mobile journalism, augmented reality and building a newsroom around the camera.

Creating AR Experiences That Stick For News Audiences

Ray Soto, USA Today

In 2019, the USA TODAY NETWORK team has an ambitious goal – to produce a dozen emerging tech projects this year. In this case study presentation, Ray will dig into the AR projects the NETWORK has currently released and best practices for creating AR experiences that stick with readers. Drawing on his experience in gaming, Ray will lay out the process in which his team approached technical, creative and journalistic requirements for successful AR activations in media.

From Spatial to Sensor Technology: New Pathways in Local News

Amy Schmitz Weiss, San Diego State University

Amy Schmitz Weiss, associate professor of journalism at San Diego State University, will present some of the recent and innovative ways that spatial and sensor technologies are being used in covering local communities. Her talk will include research insights and specific community projects that can serve as key takeaways for journalists and journalism educators.

The Challenges of Mobile Visual Journalism

Robert Scheer, Indianapolis Star

An overview of the past, present and future of news video, plus a deep dig into the challenges the modern visual journalist has when making and disseminating work from breaking news events, sports and investigative projects. When to use smart phones, and when to use bigger cameras. There will be a discussion on how planning and open communication are critical to the work a visual journalist does, as well as tech that mobile video creators should consider at a variety of price points.

Not your mother’s drone: How to use drones effectively for mobile storytelling in 2020

Darrell Hoemann, The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Here’s what you need to know to use a drone for your mobile storytelling. Includes a live demonstration of drone reporting via Facebook Live.