The Future of Journalism Is Immersive

By Mónica Cordero | Investigate Midwest

Robert Hernandez, a professor at the University of Southern California, has seen technologies born and die over the course of his career. That is precisely his job: to explore and develop new ways for the convergence between technology and journalism.

Contrary to what many of his colleagues believe, Hernandez is convinced that the future of journalism is not virtual reality.

“The future of journalism is not virtual reality. That’s right, I said it… not in a mobile-first world, not yet, at least…Neither is the metaverse,” he said.

Hernadez explained that we live in a “mobile-first world” and there is no reason for us to suddenly get rid of our mobile devices, which we even sleep with.

Hernandez — who along with his students produces VR experiences under their own brand called: JOVRNALISM — believes that 360 video offers many opportunities to create stories and offer new experiences.

Hernadez also recommends exploring Snapchat, the multimedia-free instant messaging application, to create stories that bring experiences to users.

“That it’s not the device that is the future of journalism. It’s not the technology. It’s the content. But it’s the content optimized for the user and the device,” Hernadez said.

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